The Difference between Natural and Organic Beauty

Now that green or eco-friendly beauty is more in demand than ever, terms like ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ are often interchanged. Although you will find that some natural products include organic ingredients, the two terms are quite different. At Arami, our products are made authentically in Africa with simple natural ingredients that deeply nourish the skin because what really matters is transparency. We do not hide what is in our products and are mindful of what goes on your skin. Here’s what else you should know:

What is natural?
Natural beauty ingredients come from plants like the shea tree, animals like bees, and minerals like zinc but here is the thing: the term “natural” is not regulated. Without a way to prove that there are truly no synthetic ingredients introduced into a product that claims to be “all-natural”, it is good practice to read the ingredient list of any product before buying. Ingredients are usually listed in order of high to low percentage so scan the label to see if there are any artificial ingredients mentioned at the end.

What is organic?
Organic cosmetics use ingredients that are organically farmed. This means that ingredients are cultivated without synthetic fertilisers, toxic pesticides, antibiotics or growth hormones. The products containing these ingredients are also heavily regulated by a government approved body. Many regulatory bodies across the world require at least 70% of the ingredients in a product to be produced organically before that product can be labelled “organic”. However, not every country has a regulatory body that certifies a product as organic so do as much research as possible to understand the formal certification around organic products.

It is important to note that because a product is organic, doesn’t mean it is better than a natural product. There are natural ingredients like salt, water and clay that can’t be organically farmed but are still super beneficial to the skin because they are harvested in their purest form, preserving their potency. So, for your safety and peace of mind, always find out what you can about any product before adding it to your skincare routine.

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