The Difference between Ivory Butter and Lumi Butter

Ivory Butter and Lumi Butter both have a shea butter base and an affinity for softening skin so what makes them look and smell different? Let’s take a closer look:


Ivory Butter is made with shea butter, extra virgin olive oil and vitamin E oil which enrich your skin but we wanted something that could elevate your skincare routine so we added a little mica to the mix and Lumi Butter was born. Mica is a glittery fine powder derived from a natural stone mineral that gives Lumi Butter its ultra bronzing effect.


When applied, these butters minimise wrinkles, and fade scars and stretch marks. Ivory Butter is superb for day-to-day moisturising of your skin or strengthening of your hair, while Lumi Butter melts into the skin, giving you a golden glow that lights up for special occasions.


Ivory Butter 

For an intense moisturiser that works great for all skin types try Ivory Butter (unscented)

For citrusy notes you’ll want Ivory Butter (lemongrass)

For a fresh, cool scent Ivory Butter (mint) will do the trick.

For a sweet, warm scent, go with Ivory Butter (vanilla).

For a soothing floral scent try Ivory Butter (rose & vanilla).

For nutty hints, Ivory Butter (coconut) is the right fit. 

Lumi Butter 

For a luminescent look Lumi Butter (unscented) is suitable for all skin types while Lumi Butter (sweet oud) appeals to your sweet side.

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    14/10/2020, 21:28

    I have used two ivory butter which ivory butter rose and vanilla and ivory butter coconut there is a great difference in my skin but I can conclude dat my favorite body butter is coconut it’s clear spot and I had no outbreaks of acne since I started using ivory butter coconut I am so in love with the body butter people don’t really notice it but I do

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