Sowing Seeds of Love

Love is a powerful force that drives the world. When we show love to people around us – colleagues, friends, family, and even acquaintances – we create an atmosphere of kindness, hope and peace for ourselves and for others. Freely giving love makes us happy on the inside. How can you add your bit of sunshine to the world around you?

Be kind – Try random acts of kindness as much as possible. You could leave a nice note for your neighbour, send an inspiring quote to a colleague just before going to bed, pay for part of a stranger’s order at a restaurant or talk to someone you pass by everyday on your way to work and ask how they are doing. A little goes a long way to brighten up someone’s day.

Be patient – Asides from being kind, love is also patient. Everyone goes through life differently and has a unique backstory so don’t assume that someone knows something just because you do or can do something just because you can. Give people time to do things at their own pace.

Be grateful – Expressing gratitude even for the smallest things reminds people of their own kindness. Just because someone did something for you in the past doesn’t mean they have to do it again. Show that you appreciate their gestures or words by simply saying ‘Thank you’.

Be mindful – Our words and actions can be hurtful even when we don’t mean them to be so, follow the golden rule and always view things from the other person’s perspective. Ask yourself, if this was said or done to me, how would I feel? Also pay attention to the likes and dislikes of those around you. If they have mentioned before that something upsets them, make a note to avoid doing that thing and if you know that something makes them happy, see how you can help out in your own way.

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