Mum Moments with Temi Akinsanya

As we celebrate our mothers, grandmothers, godmothers, mentors and mum friends this Mothering Sunday, we’re sharing our lovely chat with Temi Akinsanya: mother, entrepreneur and a long time friend of Arami, who talks to us about what it’s like being a mum.

Fisayo: So you have two kids under 10, what would you say is your favourite thing about being a mother?

Temi: Seeing the world through their innocent eyes, and how they think through and question everything. Having two little curious girls who love expressing themselves without restriction.

Fisayo: And what would you say has been the most rewarding thing while raising your girls?

Temi: Watching them grow up to learn and experience new things!

Fisayo: Talking about new things, it couldn’t have been easy at first. What’s been the most challenging thing so far?

Temi: Raising my children in a world that is full of differing opinions. Balancing being a good mum and being a career woman that is working to build a better, more secure life for them.

Fisayo: That takes a lot of work so how best can we show our appreciation for mums?

Temi: Allow mothers to make mistakes and learn from them rather than questioning the reasons behind their parenting decisions

Fisayo: Awesome, and I’m sure you learned much from your mum as well

Temi: Yeah, my mum’s advice was to make memories for my kids no matter how small or how messy, always give them something to fondly remember and smile about when they grow up. She says that working is good, but playing and being present in the day-to-day is better because those are the memories children cherish.

Fisayo: I can imagine that you follow your mum’s advice and have racked up some funny mum moments

Temi: Oh sure, my kids make me belly-laugh everyday but the funniest moment has to be when my 6 year old was pretending to be me for the day – from me being glued to my laptop to the way I keep saying ‘I’M ON A ZOOM’ – she nailed it.

Fisayo: I can attest to that. I’ve been in Zoom meetings with you where she’ll come right up and start asking questions *laughs*

Temi: So you’re a witness…

Fisayo: Many times over!

Temi: *laughs*

Fisayo: Now before you go, I know you’ve been using Arami for a while, what are your favourites?

Temi: Well, both my kids have sensitive skin. My oldest in particular reacted to several soaps until we started using Onyx Light and Glow Scrub so those are our top two. We are loyal!

Fisayo: Love that! And you were also one of the first people to create your own Dream Scoops. What did you choose?

Temi: Mango butter as the base, vitamin E oil as the syrup, ombre oud and clary sage flavours then a sprinkle of camwood powder. The goal was for it to smell good.

Temi’s Dream Scoops is available to order now, exclusively at

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