How to Protect Your Space

Protecting your space from anything that seeks to bring you down, intentionally or not, is the first step to inner peace. On any given day, we come in contact with different people and their respective energies making it easy for our mental and physical spaces to become muddled.

Just like you would filter endless options when you’re shopping online, you must also learn to filter who or what gains access to your personal space. Once you do, you can ward off unwanted energy and save yourself from unnecessary stress.

Wondering how to do this? Here are some tips:

  1. Set boundaries – With telephones and the internet, we are more accessible to the world than ever which makes boundaries important. You must first have a clear sense of the space in which you exist before you can properly express your boundaries to someone else. If you’re feeling uneasy about something a person is doing to or around you, let them know rather than holding it in and disturbing your peace. Voicing out that something bothers you or saying no to a request doesn’t mean you’re a difficult person. Just be kind with your words but be assertive and people will admire you for that and respect your boundaries.

  2. Be attentive – Pay close attention to what enters your space; what you see and what you hear can affect your outlook on life. Be mindful of the messages you permit into your subconscious either through TV, social media or interactions in your surroundings. Next time you’re watching the news and become needlessly worried by what’s happening in the world, try to focus on being present in your now, acknowledge what you can’t change and move on to what you can. When you are on social media, follow accounts that resonate with your ideals and mute, unfollow or block those that don’t. If there are words or images which may trigger you, adjust your feed settings so that you are never caught by surprise. Feed your soul with only the things you want to see multiply and watch everything else just melt away.

  3. Embrace your comfort zone – There’s nothing wrong with having a ‘comfort zone’. Many times we hear that stepping out of our comfort zone is the best way to be successful but that doesn’t mean getting rid of it entirely. Let this be your place to refuel. Fill it with the things you love, appreciate and that make you comfortable and content. From flowers to books and music or loved ones, prioritise bringing what you love into your space. A picture of a loved one at your office desk, houseplants placed strategically in your bedroom or inspirational quotes in your car are just some things that will help lift your spirits and keep you from inviting stress into your space. Take the time to find what works for you and maximise it.

Your space is anywhere you are, keep it safe.

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