How to Nourish Dry Hands

Our hands are in frequent use throughout the day. We use them to type, eat, pick up things, clean, apply our skincare products and do so many other things. They are always exposed and always working which means we have to wash them often but this also means that with every wash, we are stripping away our skin’s natural oils. Good news is, there are quick ways to nourish dry hands and keep them protected from harsh weather or chemicals, or simple over washing.

Wash your hands gently
Using harsh soaps or hot water when washing your hands dehydrates them causing cracks, peeling and wrinkles as you age or more severe skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis. To protect your skin, avoid hand soaps with SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) – a cleaning agent which irritates the skin – and wash with warm water rather than hot. After washing, if you can, use tissue or a towel to pat your hands dry rather than place them under a blow dryer so that you don’t over-dry your skin.

Wear gloves while cleaning
Household activities like washing dishes or cleaning the bathroom brings our skin into contact with cleaning agents which are designed to be harsh on dirt, grease and germs but potentially also harsh on the skin. While cleaning, wear gloves to preserve your skin and prevent irritation from detergent and bleach commonly found in household supplies. Excess moisture also strips your skin of it’s natural oils and the gloves provide protection against that.

Have a moisturiser with you always
Moisturisers are essential, especially after washing as they help to replace lost moisture to your skin. If your hands have been feeling dry, carry a jar or tube of moisturiser along with you as you would carry water in a bottle along on a hot day. Try something small like our Wander Series that’s easy to use on the go for soft, smooth and most importantly, nourished skin.

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