Getting the Best from Your Arami

We created natural skincare that delivers real results and has been tested over time by women who came before you. Want your Arami products to work effectively every time? Here are 5 things to do:

Know your skin type- It’s important to find out what type of skin you have for it to be healthy and free from unnecessary reactions. Keep in mind that your skin type may change with time due to hormones and other factors. A simple hack to knowing your skin type is to wash your face properly and observe it in its natural state then read this to identify which skin type you fall under.

Be consistent- Ever almost quit a movie you thought was boring at first only to end up ranking it as one of your favourites of all time? It’s the same for the Arami product your friend recommended to you that you almost didn’t buy and it comes down to one thing: patience. It takes about 28 days for skin cells to turn over naturally and this process slows down with age. In essence, it takes at least one month (ideally 4-6 weeks) to start seeing noticeable changes in your skin when using our products. Give your skin the time it needs.

Know when to use a product- Our moisturisers work best when used immediately after stepping out of the bath or shower to lock moisture in your skin for all-day hydration. They are great for nourishing your skin anytime of the day or whenever you want a luminous glow. Onyx Polish and Eden’s Elixir should be daily staples in your daily routine while Glow Scrub and Purity Mask should be used 1-3 times a week depending on your skin type. We recommend using Glow Scrub after Onyx Polish but using Glow Scrub first is also acceptable.

Use only a little- When it comes to skincare, less is more. In fact, too much of a product could clog your pores. You only need a little for your products to be absorbed into your skin and work wonders. Using the correct amount lets your products last longer and saves time you might have spent massaging in or washing off any excess. For your face, we recommend a finger-tip size of Onyx Polish and 1-2 drops of any of our oils. Scale up for the rest of your body.

Store your products well- Some ingredients in your products are degraded by sunlight making them less effective. Water also causes products to become less potent as it could encourage bacterial growth. To avoid this, store all your products in a cool, dry place and away from direct sunlight.

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    03/07/2020, 13:52

    I’m so thrilled about these products, I pray it works for me

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      12/08/2020, 14:51

      Hello Amina, we are happy to hear that and look forward to your review.

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    12/07/2020, 09:09

    Hello Ma, Pls how much is Arami products.. And where can I get them around Lagos

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      04/08/2020, 13:50

      Hello Jennifer, you can view all our prices here:
      We can deliver to anywhere, so please place your order here:
      Alternatively please find our list of stockists here:

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