PHASE 1: Our recycling program is the first phase of our journey to becoming a more eco-conscious brand. We care about what we put on and in our bodies but we also care about what goes into our environment. Do your part to consciously protect the Earth. Follow the simple steps below to recycle 10 plastic containers of ANY size, and get 15% off your next order.

  1. Fill out the pickup form below
  2. Wash your empty containers with warm soapy water
  3. Give your clean containers to our pick-up rep
  4. Smile, you’ve done something good
  5. We will email you a discount code for 15% off your next order on
Note: Damaged or dirty containers will not be accepted. All locations within Nigeria are eligible for this service.

Partnering with Recycle Points to do More

We are partnered with Recycle Points to collect and recycle our plastics, cartons and paper bags. Recycle Points keeps these materials out of our oceans or landfills by repurposing them for extended use.

Reusing your empty containers

Before sending your Arami containers for recycling, try reusing them around your home or office in the following ways, or discover your own way to use these containers once they are empty.

Reuse jars as

  • Sewing kit
  • Daily affirmations jar
  • Mini First-Aid kit
  • Stationery holder
  • Mini plant pot

Reuse bottles as

  • Flower vase
  • Dish soap dispenser


PHASE 2: As we gradually switch from PET plastic to glass which is safer to reuse and can be properly sanitised, our glass products such as Joy Oil and HLR Drops can now be refilled, relabeled and redelivered to you. Follow these easy steps below to get your glass dropper bottle refilled and get 20% off your next bottle.

  1. Fill out the pickup form below
  2. Wrap your empty bottle with enough paper for padding and seal tightly in a box to avoid breakage
  3. Give your package to our pick up rep
  4. Do a happy dance while you wait for your refill
  5. We will email you when your refill is ready
  6. Pay for your delivery and your refill will be on it’s way

Note: Pick up is free, you only pay for redelivery. All locations within Nigeria are eligible for this service.

    Your containers will be inspected, and you will get a 15% purchase on your next purchase, if your containers meet our criteria.