Being Consistent with Your Skincare Routine

Sticking to a skincare routine can seem exhausting but with a goal in mind – whether that is having clear skin or an even tone – you know what’s in store for you and can look forward to it. But sometimes, we need help staying on track with patterns that are essential to our wellbeing which is why we’ve shared some simple ways to be consistent with your skincare routine below.

Set a reminder on your phone: Reminders keep you in check and help you gradually turn an activity into a habit. There is only so much we can remember so it’s useful to have something to nudge you when you need it. Label your reminder clearly so that you know exactly what it’s telling you to do when the time comes.

Store your products within reach: Create a spot for all your skincare products either in your bathroom or bedroom so that they are always easily accessible. Out of sight, out of mind can swiftly become the case here if you don’t remember when last you saw your face mask. When you come across your skincare products more than once a day, chances are you’ll eventually pick them up and use them.

Keep it simple: The easier it is for you to do a routine, the better you’ll be at following through. Try not to cram too many steps into a busy morning or an early night when you just want to be snug in bed.

Make it fun: Let your skincare regimen be something that excites you so your brain doesn’t think it’s a chore and tune out. Try doing your routine with a friend or sibling over a video call or play music while you’re getting ready for the day. These will keep your energy levels high by engaging your senses.


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