Being Confident in Your Skin

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you look at your skin? Is it the colour, tone or something else? Some of the Arami team shared their thoughts on this question: 

“My face is very oily, although I love it during the dry season as it withstands the harsh effects of the weather.
– Rosemary, Admin

“I love it, especially when I’m putting effort into taking care of it and I see how smooth and good it looks, like a well fed baby.”
– Kika, Customer Service

“My skin is dry-ish but resilient. Protective yet likes to be pampered. I know this because when I take good care of my skin, it blossoms.”
– Fisayo, Strategy

Each person talks about their skin with love because it is a major part of them. Your skin is your body’s largest organ protecting it from foreign substances, regulating body temperature and sensing pressure, pain, temperature and contact. All these happen regardless of your skin tone because what matters is that your skin is flourishing. 

Society has always tried to dictate what beauty should look like but real beauty is not about the colour of your eyes, the tone of your skin or the texture of your hair; it goes beyond the surface. Real beauty to us is a heart that is grateful for life and a soul that is true to itself. Being confident in your skin doesn’t mean being vain; it means that you know who you are and are not ashamed of how you look. It starts with acceptance and gratitude.

Acceptance: When you look in the mirror, what do you see? List all the qualities that make you who you are to discover yourself without judgement. Now ask yourself what you’re comfortable with and what you want to improve, then ask yourself why you need to improve those things. Is it because of something negative someone said that made you feel unworthy? Even if you changed that thing, people will always have opinions and you’ll keep changing until one day, you don’t recognise yourself. Always look your best for you alone because it’s pointless trying to look like anyone else. There’s only one you in the entire universe- that’s your superpower. Own it.

Gratitude: It’s about finding peace in what you already have instead of always thinking about what you wish you had.  Appreciate your skin fully; let it mesmerise you- the lines, pores, scars and all. Imagine if you couldn’t sweat after a hard workout or feel when you hugged someone you loved. How dull life would be. Your skin allows you to go through life experiencing different things. Once you begin to alter it, whether by lightening or darkening, you also alter what it does for you, not knowing the damage until it’s too late. 

In the words of India Arie: I am not my hair, I am not this skin, I am the soul that lives within. 

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