4 Ways to Use Omni Oil

A luxurious blend of argan, jojoba and shea oils, enriched with an exotic oud fragrance, Omni Oil nurtures all aspects of your being. ‘Omni’ means ‘all’ and  Omni Oil does it all and can be used by all. Here are some ways to use Omni Oil:

On your skin – The combined richness of argan, shea and jojoba oils  leaves your skin feeling soft and supple on contact. To moisturise your skin, pour a few drops of Omni Oil and rub between your palms before gently massaging into the skin as you become mesmerised by the Ombre Oud scent.

On your hair – As with skin, Omni Oil nourishes and enriches the hair. To seal moisture into your hair, pour a few drops of Omni Oil on your palms and rub them together, gently. Massage your hair from roots to tips, paying extra care to the tips as these are the oldest parts of the hair. Your hair will feel lustrous and bouncy afterwards.

In your bath water – Add a touch of luxury to bath time. Draw yourself a warm bath and add a few drops of Omni Oil just before you step in the tub. In your bath water, Omni Oil helps soothe muscles, ease tension and give your skin the deep nourishing it deserves.

On your beard – Your beard deserves love too. To nourish your beard, warm a few drops of Omni Oil between your palms and massage into your beard. Brush gently from roots to tips for facial hair that’s soft to the touch and releases wafts of sensuous aroma at the right time.

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    15/10/2020, 05:41

    I was given the omni oil as a gift from the CEO herself, and I must confess it’s really good and I loved it. I have made up my mind to continue using omni oil and all other arami essential product forever.

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