4 Ways To Use Ivory Butter

A delightful whip of shea butter for enhancing skin cell regeneration and soothing inflammation, olive oil to prevent moisture loss and soften skin, and vitamin E oil to repair damage to skin caused by free radicals -Ivory Butter is the perfect moisturiser for you. And it is available in 6 different variations so there’s something for everyone.

Now that you know what it is, here are some ways to use it.

  1. As a daily moisturiser: Ivory Butter is packed with essential vitamins and fatty acids which deeply nourish the skin. After cleansing or whenever you need a boost of hydration, melt the butter between your palms then gently massage into skin, focusing on any dry or flaky areas.

  2. For cracked heels: Simply soak your feet in warm water, pat dry, then massage a generous amount of any of our Ivory Butters into your heels while calming your mind. Try this before bed everyday and slip on a pair of socks right after, for extra nourishment. Your body will naturally repair itself while you sleep so keep this up until you see the changes you want.

  3. As a hair conditioner: Before washing, massage Ivory Butter into your hair, from root to tip, for a few minutes indulging in moments of relaxation with every stroke. Next, run a large comb through to make hair more manageable during and after the wash. Once hair is washed and dried, section as you like and glide Ivory Butter over scalp for a just-washed feel like no other. Try Ivory Butter (Mint) for an itchy scalp, Ivory Butter (Lemongrass) for an oily scalp and Ivory Butter (Coconut) for a dry scalp.

  4. For soothing inflammation: Ivory Butter helps combats inflammation due to eczema, psoriasis, insect bites or stings, rashes and other conditions that tend to irritate, wound or scar the skin. The anti-inflammatory properties and healing benefits of unrefined shea butter make Ivory Butter a prized possession for skin issues one might face from time to time. We recommend applying Ivory Butter (Unscented) or Ivory Butter (Coconut) over affected areas of your skin, after each bath and several times during the day as they are especially good at calming irritation.

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