4 Ways to Use Eden’s Elixir

If you are familiar with our products you’ll know that they can be used in more than one way and our gentle toner Eden’s Elixir is no different. It’s a soothing and brightening blend of aloe vera juice, willow bark extract, rosewater and vitamin c that balances skin’s pH, removes impurities and shrinks pores. Toners are integral to any skincare routine so here are some tips on the multiple ways to unleash the full potential of our restorative rosewater toner.

Apply to cleansed skin: After cleansing your skin in the morning or evening with Onyx Polish, lightly soak a cotton pad with Eden’s Elixir and sweep over your face and neck. Perform this step before moisturising to soothe and balance your skin.

Use to refresh makeup: It’s midday and your makeup is starting to look patchy and uneven but you’re too busy to run to the powder room for a touch-up? Simply blot off any excess oil on your face then spritz on Eden’s Elixir a few times (from a spray bottle small enough to fit in your portable makeup bag) for an instant complexion boost and to revive your makeup and rehydrate your skin.

Add to our Purity Mask: Swap water for our toner when making your mask paste to add more skin-loving nutrients to your masking routine. As a rule of thumb, use a capful of Eden’s Elixir to a spoonful of Purity Mask. Mix and apply as usual.

Use to cool down on hot days: Some days are so hot that you want to dump a whole bucket of cold water on your head. No need to be extra. Just pour Eden’s Elixir into a small spray bottle and put it in the fridge for a few hours then spray on a generous amount to cool and hydrate your skin as needed.



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