3 Steps to Smooth, Lustrous Hair

Healthy hair is a beacon of confidence as our hair is our crown. Growing hair that is free of frizz, breakage and knots does not happen by chance, it requires dedication, time and patience.

Here are some simple steps that will help you grow smooth and lustrous hair:

1. Craft a hair care regimen – For smooth, healthy hair, a hair care regimen is important. A great regimen considers your hair type and pays attention to your roots and scalp so you can figure out what your hair needs the most. Try our Onyx Light which is also suitable for sensitive scalps, then condition your hair with nourishing Ivory Butter (Coconut) and finish off with a dose of Omni Oil for lustrous tresses.

2. Trim split ends regularly – Split ends are the frayed strands of hair which are separated into smaller fragments. They are caused by chemical treatments such as hair dyeing and perming or physical stress often from excessive styling and heat. Split ends damage the cuticle of the hair shaft leaving hair weak, frayed and brittle. Since split ends cannot be reversed, to prevent hair strands from splitting from the root to the tip, try trimming them every 8 to 12 weeks to keep hair smooth and healthy. 

3. Rethink towel drying after washes – Towel drying is the most common way to dry hair after washes. Despite its popularity, towel drying may be doing hair more harm than good. When hair is dried with a towel, the friction between the towel and the hair increases breakage because hair is in its most vulnerable state at that time. To avoid this, dry hair by squeezing out excess water and blot with an old cotton t-shirt. If possible, leave hair to air dry.

How do you maintain smooth, lustrous hair?


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